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15 Essential Items in our Travelling First Aid Kit

Every time when Ann packs for our holidays, the OCD in her tends to want to pack everything she wants and needs. I will have to be the voice of reason in minimizing the unnecessary items that she packs. One thing for sure though, I will not disturb her when she is packing our travel first aid kit as it has come to our rescue many times in our travels.

Our friends would usually ask us about the things we pack when we travel. Our recommendations would always be to travel light but do not skimp on the first aid kit cause you might never know when you will need it.

Below are the 15 Essential items in our Travelling First Aid Kit in no particular order. This is not a comprehensive list and you may add or remove items to our list.

  • Probiotic Pillss
  • Charcoal Pills
  • Loperamide Pills
  • Po Chai Pills

Probiotic pills is the most common item we would always bring on our travels. Our family doctor recommended it to us for prevention from travel diarrhoea. It worked well in my motorcycle trip to IndiaEven though it was my first time to India, I did not get any tummy upset.

If diarrhoea do strike, Charcoal Pills as well as over the counter Loperamide Pills are our safest bet to make sure our holidays are not disrupted by some stomach bug.

If both the above pills do not work, being Asian, we have our Po Chai Pills to the rescue. Po Chai Pills are made from Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs and trust us, it works wonders for any type of ailments. 🙂

  • Tweezers
  • Band Aids
  • Gauze
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Antiseptic cream

  • The above list is to treat common minor injuries from cuts to grazes, from those adventure trips such as hiking and motorcycle road trips. You can usually get them as a packaged first aid kit from your nearest pharmacy. We are sure you know how to use them. 🙂

    • Mosquito Repellent
    • Calamine Lotion

    Ann invites mosquitoes like bees to honey and we would have at least 2 types of mosquito repellent in our kit. We would have the spray as well as the sticker repellent patch. Even though she uses two repellents, it is still not enough for Ann to repel those pesky blood sucking parasites to her sweet blood!

    Besides mosquitoes, there were instances in our travels where Ann was attacked by bed bugs even in 5 star hotels. And the Calamine Lotion works wonders to soothe the skin from both the mosquito and bed bugs bite.

    • Painkillers
    • Anti Histamines

    I have a few drug allergies and mostly all of them are painkillers that are commonly found in the pharmacies such as paracetamol. I can only consume doctor prescribed painkillers such as Tramadol. So before the headaches strike, I will always have my stock of painkillers that I can consume in our kit.

    In case of any drug allergies, we would always stock our kit with Anti Histamines such as the drowsy little yellow tablet, Chlorpheniramine pill or the non drowsy versions such as Zyrtec.

    • Nail Clippers

    Last but not least,to have a nail clipper in the kit is always handy. It is not my essential first aid item but at times when I have some alone time with Ann, I sacrifice my hands by letting her cut my nails in those long train rides or quiet times in the hotel room. 😛 (The things you do for love.)

    Always keep your first aid kit easily accessible at all times but away from children. Do check the expiry dates on them too.

    Stay safe and happy travels.

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