5 Good Reasons a Self-Employed Professional Should Go on a Holiday

In 2006, fresh from graduating from film school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or career. I was already 24 years old back then. I did internships with media companies but the job did not satisfy me.

What I really wanted to do was photography but no one or companies were hiring back then. That was when I decided to start my own photography company, Flashpixs Photography.

Starting a business from scratch was mentally and physically draining. Contrary to popular beliefs, being a self employed professional does not mean that you have to commit 100% of your time and energy to your business. Some down time and a vacation can do wonders to your business. Trust me, I have been down that road.

Below are 5 reasons a self employed person should go on a holiday.

1. Physical down time

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Road trip in the Himalayas

Self employed professionals work extra hard to make sure our business grow and flourish. When I started my business, I slept less than 4 hours a day making sure everything went smoothly. Sometimes we tend to over do things which will certainly take a toll on our bodies. Take a break, go on a short holiday or simply sit back and just breathe!

2. Do wonders for your Mental Health

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Sit back, breathe and enjoy yourself

My days can be filled with deadlines, editing of photos, marketing and tons of email. This is excluding my social life if I have any that is. ;P My day to day business related activities can cause major mental health issues. In 2011, after finishing tons of photography projects, I quickly book a ticket to India. A vacation can do wonders to your mental health!

3. Quality time with love ones

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Spend time with your love ones

I am very blessed I have Ann on my side helping me through my business. She understands that I am working very hard for the both of us. Sometimes I take for granted the limited time I spend with her. I am quite fortunate that Ann loves travelling as much as I do. We always make time to go on holidays no matter how busy both of us can be. It really helps our bodies to recuperate and our minds energized for the challenges in our careers.

4. Travel or be a Tourist in your own backyard

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Ann and I will try to get creative and plan short holidays or just be a tourist in our own backyard. Singapore has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions. We would visit museums, parks or just hang out at the beach. We would snap photos together and even talk to other tourists. One day away from the office can really boost both your well being. The most important element is to Enjoy Yourself.

5. There is more to Life than just Work

In my short time as a self employed person, I have seen many self employed friends and partners burnt out from their start ups. It surprises me that they do not allocate time off to travel to energize or recuperate from their schedules. There is definitely more to Life than simply work. Taking a vacation will surely do wonders for your business, personal growth and well being.

My advice for self employed professionals:

Work hard to succeed in your business but do take time off for a holiday or short vacation and spend some time with your love ones. You will feel better off, healthier and have higher chances of success in your business.



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