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Asia’s First Hotel with a Deep Diving Pool opens in Taiwan

Asia’s first city hotel with 21 metres deep diving pool launches in Taichung, Taiwan. The crystal clear filtered pool boasts elaborate caves at 10 metres deep, a window look-out to the city underwater and replicas of shipwrecks for those themed photography shoots as well as to simulate wreck diving.

divecube hotel, taichung, taiwan, deep diving pool hotel

Cross section view of the hotel | image: Divecube Hotel

Divecube Hotel have 30 guestrooms for two, four, and six people. Rates start from NT$1,800 to NT$6,000 or SGD80 – 270. There are a myriad of activities available at the hotel from scuba diving, free diving to even your own underwater wedding photography shoot.

Best of all you don’t need to lug around your scuba diving equipment as rentals are provided at the hotel!

divecube hotel, taichung, taiwan, deep diving pool hotel

image: Divecube Hotel


divecube hotel, taichung, taiwan. asia first deep diving pool hotel

image: Divecube Hotel

After failing her Open Water Diving test in Bali due to bad weather, I might bring Ann here to retake her test or just try out Discover Scuba to make her familiarize with all the equipment under a controlled environment. While at the same time opting an underwater wedding photography package as well like the photos below. 😛

divecube hotel, shipwreck photography, underwater models, taichung, taiwan, underwater photograpy, deep diving pool

image: Divecube Hotel


Anhe W Rd, Xitun District, Taichung City, 407

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