Benimar Mileo 313 – Spanish Brand Motorhome Launches in Malaysia.

Luxe Motorhomes introduced the new Benimar Mileo 313 a Spanish Motorhome brand to the Malaysians. As we are big fans of Motorhomes as well as the nomadic lifestyle, we are surprised that our neighbour Malaysia have brought in the Benimar Mileo for sale!


If only we have the cash to burn, we would definitely head to Kuala Lumpur and drive away this beauty and post instagram photos with the hashtags #vanlife and #homeiswhereyouparkitย while travelling the world.

As the promotional video is in Malay, below are the details of the house on wheels that can fit up to 6 persons.

    • 6 seatbelts
    • 6 berth(Beds)
    • Luxury kitchen stove, oven, microwave and induction cooker and refrigerator
    • Luxury bathroom
    • Can store up to 120 litres of water
    • Special cassette waste management
    • 2.3L Turbo Diesel Engine

The Benimar Mileo 313 is advertised not only for leisure purposes, but great for events, roadshows as well as for the film industry. As we do not have much info on the Benimar Mileo 313, you can head to their website if your interested to get one in Malaysia.

Till next time.

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