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5 Great Gifts for the Avid Wanderluster

Christmas is just around the corner. Last year Ann and I spent the festive holidays in Hong Kong. Although Ann and I do not celebrate Christmas, we love receiving gifts though. 😛

There are many travel gifts you can get for your spouse or travel buddy this Christmas or for any occasion. Below is a list of great gift ideas if you are an avid traveler like us.

Red Wing Boots

red wing boots, moc style, travel gift, christmas gift, gift ideas, travel, wanderlust, adventure

Red Wing Boots

I received my first pair of Red Wing boots for my 16th birthday present and fast forward 16 years later, they are still travelling this earth with me. This boots are made to last a very long time; it has brought me to Mongolia, India and many other adventures. The best part about this boots is that the sole is replaceable once it has worn out. Just bring it to any Red Wing store and they will change it for a fee. Mine have been changed countless times in the past 16 years. I hope for 16 years more of adventures to come. 🙂

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

At the top of our wish list is the DJI Mavic Pro camera drone. During our travels to the Himalayas as well as the Mongolian steppes, we wished we had a camera drone to capture the beautiful landscapes. The great feature about the DJI Mavic Pro is that it is fold able and it saves a lot of space for your other camera gear. Anyone willing to sponsor us? 😛

Buff Headwear

Buff headwear, travel essentials, travel, wanderlust, gifts, christmas, travel gift, christmas gift, gift ideas, travel, wanderlust, adventure

Buff Headwear

One of my favourite travel essential items is the Buff Headwear. I use it as a neck warmer in cool weather, bandanna for those temple tours, balaclava for those smog filled streets and my favourite of all is to cover my face during those long flights. Every time I travel with Ann I surely will discover another useful way to use the Buff. It is also quick drying and usually I would bring it together with my bath, dab some soap after which it will dry out in a few hours ready for the next adventure.

Moleskin Classic Notebook

moleskin, classic notebook, travel, gifts, wanderlust, travel gift, christmas gift, gift ideas, travel, wanderlust, adventure

Moleskin Classic Notebook

A great gift for an adventure traveller would be the Moleskin Classic Notebook. As there are no power supply in remote areas, the notebook is an essential travel item to jot down notes, scribble some poetry during those long road trips, kill time doodling those unforgettable landscapes and last but not least, to tear a piece of it to pass your contact details to that hot chick you have been ogling at the backpackers place. 😛

Honda Jet 

If you have USD $5 million lying around and you do not know what to get your best travel buddy a gift, we suggest the Honda Jet. Why be at the airport 3 hours early for check in when you can zip through customs, have your own personal pilot to fly to any destination your little heart and big pockets desire. Best of all, you can also bring along 3 other friends to your wanderlust destination in complete luxury and comfort!

Do you have any great travel gifts you would like to share with us? Hear from you in the comments below.

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