Pakistan – A Safe And Beautiful Country With Lovely People

After our guest post “7 Things You Need to Know before Travelling to Pakistan” was published, we came across a video on Facebook about an Australian who is riding a motorcycle from England back to his hometown in Sydney. Along the way, the Australian rider better known as Dutchie, reached Pakistan and explored the country.

While the plan was to stay for about 2 weeks, Dutchie was amazed by the beauty of Pakistan and the people that he extended his stay longer.

Below is a video on his perception of Pakistan.

The Aussie Biker

Meet Dutchie the Aussie biker boy, who fell in love with Pakistan and his reasons aren’t what we expected. The part of Pakistan he loved most will surprise you.

Keep following his journey in Pakistan and onwards to Australia at :

Posted by The Centrum Media on Monday, 13 March 2017


As you can see from the video, Pakistan is a safe, beautiful and peace loving country. The people are nice and the beauty of the countryside is just breathtaking.

We are really in awe of the motorcycle road trip he is doing and we are planning one trip to the  Karakoram Highway in the Hunza valley next year.

Hopefully everything falls into place.

You can follow his motorcycle adventures on his blog at

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