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Stunning Views of Bali From Above

We have been posting about Drones this past few weeks as we are looking for one to bring along our travels. DJI launched the DJI Spark; a very compact drone that have us begging to take our money away. 😛 However, it will not be on time for our Sri Lanka’s trip.

Ann’s friend who travelled Iceland with a drone just came up with another video, this time of his Bali travels and he is getting better at it.

Enjoy the video below.

While a few of our close friends have offered to loan us a drone for our Sri Lanka trip, we are afraid we might crash their drones and have to replace them with a brand new one. It defeats the purpose of loaning a drone and replacing it with a new one when we can buy one for our own.

Oh well. Till next time.

featured photo by Michael Matti

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