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The Dim Sum Place – Cantonese Style Cuisine awaiting Halal Certification

One of our favourite restaurants in Singapore is The Ramen Stall at North Bridge Road. And when they same people decided to expand their business literally sideways on the opposite side of the road serving Cantonese style cuisine like dim sums and Peking duck, we had to check it out.

The sister company of The Ramen Stall, The Dim Sum Place serves Cantonese style cuisine with a twist of local taste. Advices from celebrity and oversea chefs have helped us to focus on extensive R&D converting Cantonese cuisine to serve all communities. We are currently in the midst of applying for Halal Certification. Our team ensures quality consistency and aims to deliver an enjoyable dining experience for all our customers.

deep fried wantons, the dim sum place, halal dim sum in singapore

deep fried wantons

For starters, Ann and I ordered the deep fried wan tons. The skin is lovingly crunchy on the outside and has a chewy texture. The skin does not taste like ones you buy off the shelf at the supermarket. This had a “homemade” taste if you know what I mean.

The shrimp fillings were savoury and fresh and the wan tons comes with 2 sauces, mayonnaise as well as a chilli oil. The chilli sauce was a little sweet for me but it goes well with the wan tons.

the dim sum place, halal dim sum in singapore

roast lamb in lettuce wrap & special sauce

Next up was roast lamb in lettuce wrap, radish and special sauce. The meat was very tender and the wrap fits nicely in your mouth. The special sauce which tasted like mustard and lemon gives a burst of zesty flavours to the wrap.

Tip: Eat it at one go to enjoy the fireworks in your mouth.

the dim sum place, halal dim sum in singapore

vermicelli roll with shrimp & spring onions

The star of the our meal would probably be the Shrimp Vermicelli Roll. The vermicelli roll is thinly made, has a soft chewy texture and the fresh shrimps made the dish perfect. It comes with a sesame oil dipping sauce which complements the dish.

the dim sum place, halal dim sum in singapore

TDSP herbal duck

Last but not least we also ordered a quarter of their signature TDSP Herbal Duck. The skin was sun kissed golden brown and crispy. It crackle at every bite and the meat was perfectly tender. It was served with grounded peanuts, sugar as well as a dash of mustard sauce.

However, I felt something was missing to give it that extra kick that the sesame oil dressing gave the vermicelli roll.

Overall we really enjoyed our meal at The Dim Sum Place. They have not officially launch and the full menu is not available yet pending Halal Certification.

But you can still drop by to try the dim sums and other dishes on offer.

The Dim Sum Place
791 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198281
Tel: +65 6655 8787
Opening Hours: 11am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 11pm Daily

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