Travelling with the Sexy Leica

If you are expecting a sexy lady, sorry to burst your bubble. This blog post is about travel street photography with my Leica camera. 😛

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Street photography have always been one my passions together with travelling. I love to bring along my camera for travels. One of my favourite cameras for travel street photography is the Leica MP, an analogue camera. It is probably the best film M camera they ever made. And yes, I still shoot film (but I am not that old). I love the processes behind film photography as well as capturing street images during my travels.

Leica have been around since the 1920s and used by many iconic photographers throughout the world. From Henri Cartier Bresson to Frank Capa and many other greats. Even the Queen of England as well as the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej photographs with this iconic brand.

Personally, I love to shoot on Black and White film and processing the films myself in a darkroom. And that is why I take a very long time to upload my travel photos when my friends ask for them. 🙂

Below are 5 reasons I love this camera.

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It works without batteries

I love going on adventure trips where finding a power point can be frustrating. The Leica MP works without batteries. The only batteries the camera uses is the circular batteries you find in calculators but those batteries are for the metering for exposure. Those batteries can last for more than 6 months. And if the batteries fail, the camera still works fine. Who needs batteries anyway if you are well versed in the sunny 16 rule.

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Solid Built

The Leica has a solid built compared to new cameras in the market. There are no funky electronics in the camera therefore less likely to cause major headaches and fumbling with settings. The camera have been on my adventure road trips to India, Mongolia and many others. I’ve dropped it, went up the Gobi desert with swirling sand and it still works like the first time I held my hands on it. It is built to last and I wish to pass it on to my grand kids one day.

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Basic Features

The Leica MP have all the features I need. Slot in a roll of film in it and you are ready to go. They don’t have all those unimportant 51 focusing points, face detection, electronic filters and the list goes on and on which I rarely use. I rather enjoy my holiday than fumble with all the unnecessary settings.

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Zone Focusing

One of the techniques for street photography is Zone Focusing. And the Leica camera and its lenses does this very well. The indicators on the lenses indicates the distances you are in focus and if you can master this technique well, your camera will always be in focus every time!

No need for slow auto focus and missing the decisive moment!

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Sexy Look

The Leica have the sexy timeless look of a camera and it is a great ice breaker when I am travelling. People have come up to me to ask about my camera and I have made many traveller friends with this beauty. If you intend to look for one, Amazon has great deals with the camera.



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