Tips on applying an Australian Tourist Visa as a Singaporean

Shahrom and I have been to Australia countless of times. Shahrom mostly to be a Fat Starfish at his sister’s place in Melbourne during his holidays and travels. And for myself, I studied there for my Bachelor degree as well as holidays too.

We have been to most big cities in Australia and every time we are there the Visa application is a breeze.

It is easy for Singaporeans to apply for an Australian visa. Thanks to our wonderful government for having such strong relations with Australia, and providing us a great opportunity to travel down under without much hassle. Singapore red passport is da bomb!

Easy Peasy

What we have gathered from friends, some of them paid close to $100 to get their visa sorted. We were shocked! Maybe they went to the wrong website? Or  they are not sure which site to go to?

So below are the easy steps to apply for your visa for only AUD 20, as of 2016. Everything is online so you don’t need to waste any paper or effort going back and forth, unlike our Indian Visa. You will get almost an instant confirmation.

What is ETA? It is an Electronic Travel Authority that allows you to enter Australia for short stay for tourism or business tourists activities. This visa does not allow you to work. Do note you have to apply this while you are outside Australia.

  1. Get your passport, email and credit card ready.

  2. Go to:

  3. Fill in the application form online. Don’t worry this will take much lesser time than an Indian visa.

  4. When you get to the payment page, fill in your credit/debit card details. And you’re done!

  5. Confirmation will be via SMS and email.

Enjoy Australia and safe travels.

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